Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Google Day #1

So I introduced the Google Days project in my Precalc class last Friday.  I tried my best to get the students excited without telling them what we were doing on Friday.  I posted signs up around the entire school that said "I know what Mr. Doudican did last summer!!" I even teased them and asked them if they had asked him and figured out what the big deal was all about. Of course he didn't give anything away because on Friday during class he presented to the class what he did this summer.  He worked with a friend of his from Google on a project that is to be released soon.  (I can't actually say what he did until it goes live in a couple weeks.) Let me just say that I think we're off to a great start with the project.  The students shared their ideas for a project, or a topic they were interested in, and I think that there is definite potential here.  I think after Friday the students had a better idea of the type of things that would be appropriate for this project. I also gave them this after we introduced what we are going to try to do in this class.

I'm still really excited about this project.  Next we need to have the students officially submit their topic/idea and we will assign project advisors after that.

As always, your comments are welcomed!


  1. Keep us updated on what types of projects you and your students decide on. I really want to try this, but am not confident enough to put it out there without having some ideas of what kind of projects they could do. (What would be too much to take on? Or too little? That kind of thing.)

    Great idea, though!

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